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Our Practices

McKöena Law specializes in advising buyers and sellers on the process involved in buying or selling a property, negotiating and drafting agreements of purchase and sale, as well as advising with respect to agreements of purchase and sale.
At McKöena Law, we are committed to passionately advocating for our clients in responding to any criminal allegations made against them in fair and just legal proceedings before our courts. Our lawyers will listen carefully and passionately defend you against all allegations and charges made against you; including military court marital, murders, sexual assaults, commercial frauds, drug offence, domestic assaults and driving offences.
Military Law is the substantive body of law, which defines the rights, authority, obligations and duties of the Canadian Forces (CF) and the Department of National Defence (DND), its members and civil servants. It incorporates a number of distinct military aspects of established substantive bodies of law practiced by civilians such as tort law, administrative law, intellectual property, employment, and international law, etc.

What Our Clients Say

I feel right at home whenever I’m at McKöena Law Office. My needs are attended to with care and I am able to understand the process with ease.
Greg Anderson, Ottawa Print Hub
I’ve had a number of attorneys in my lifetime, and I must say that McKöena Law is definitely the best firm I have had! He treated my case with genuine care, I felt like he was a brother protecting me. Thank you!
Kim Perry, Ottawa ON
Thank you, McKöena Law for your victory with my case! Because of you, I’m now able to be with my family instead of inside a correctional facility.
Jonathan Aiken, Cornwall ON
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