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Criminal Law.

In Canada, our highest court the Supreme Court of Canada has affirmed the importance of “the presumption of innocence” as an essential pillar of our judicial system when criminal allegations are made against any person.

Canada as a society is committed to fairness and social justice.  The presumption of innocence protects the fundamental liberty and human dignity of any person accused by the state of criminal conduct.

At McKöena Law, we are committed to passionately advocating for our clients in responding to any criminal allegations made against them in fair and just legal proceedings before our courts. Our lawyers will listen carefully and passionately defend you against all allegations and charges made against you; including military court marital, murders, sexual assaults, commercial frauds, drug offence, domestic assaults and driving offences.

Our areas of practice include a broad spectrum of advice, trial advocacy and appellate representation in the following practice areas:

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