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Drug Offence.

Whether the charge is simple possession or possession for the purpose of trafficking, any drug charge carries with it the possibility of conviction, a criminal record and sometimes, imprisonment. We are experienced at challenging search warrants, wiretap authorizations and other types of evidence that often support drug charges.

Drug convictions carry severe penalties, both in Canada and abroad.

New legislation has introduced severe mandatory minimum jail sentences for those convicted of drug offences. Individuals convicted of drug-related crimes will find their ability to travel internationally, particularly to the United States, severely limited.  It is essential that every angle of your case be examined by an experienced and knowledgeable criminal lawyer.

We have defended individuals charged in relation to massive police projects and have also represented persons accused of simple possession. We rely on a variety of means to creatively challenge police evidence, whether it is surveillance, police agents, informants or other investigative techniques. At McKöena Law, we are committed to exploring and raising innovative constitutional arguments for one purpose – preserving your rights.

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