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Real Estate Law.

  • advising buyers and sellers on the process involved in buying or selling a property;
  • negotiating and drafting agreements of purchase and sale;
  • advising with respect to agreements of purchase and sale;
  • acting for buyers or sellers on purchases/sales for:
    • new homes
    • condominiums
    • re-sale homes
    • recreational properties
    • vacant / development land
    • investment properties
    • mobile / trailer homes
    • real estate syndication purchases
  • acting for borrowers or lenders on mortgage transactions;
  • advising borrowers with respect to mortgage liability;
  • advising lenders with respect to debt or mortgage enforcement;
  • agency closings for purchase, mortgage or sale transactions;
  • negotiating and drafting residential and commercial leases;
  • advising tenants with respect to lease liability;
  • advising landlords with respect to lease enforcement;
  • residential tenancy evictions;
  • consulting with respect to real estate disputes involving boundaries, rights of way, etc.;
  • negotiating and drafting business purchases / sales;
  • advising with respect to business purchases / sales;
  • acting for buyers or sellers on all types of business purchases / sales.
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